Launch: I'm porting my blog to snail mail

I'd like to write you a letter every week

Future Parth here with an update from April 2024: over the last 4 months, I've sent 128 letters to 18 recipients in 2 countries and 9 states. I'm still at it, sign up! Check out the latest updates on this Twitter thread.

Here's a copy of Letter 8, if you'd like a glimpse of where we're at these days.

Hey gang. I'm starting a project called A Letter Every Week. I'm going to handwrite letters and physically mail it them to folks who want it, whether you're a friend I know or someone I've never met.

When was the last time you got a letter? I have 9,415 unread emails in my inbox. 9,000 of those are probably complete junk of some sort. The last time I got something handwritten was probably months ago, and I've kept it ever since. I get some junk in my mailbox, but probably less than a dozen mailers a week.

Somewhere along the way, "snail" mail became exciting and email became boring. There's something *alive* about a letter.

Every week, I want to write one that you're excited to open, with your fingers. And I want each letter to be uniquely yours in some way. I will figure out how to do this, even if I have to send you a photocopy instead of original handwriting. Maybe I'll slip a little drawing into each one. Maybe I'll add a scrap of a receipt, or a cool rock I found during the day.

Here's an excerpt from my first letter to give you an idea of what they might be like. They've got some scribbles and cross-outs, and my handwriting is kind of bad. You might get one of the original handwritten ones, you might get a photocopy. But hey, mail, right?

This is an experiment, so I'm going to aim to write every day, but I'm not at all sure how the letters are going to look, what's going to be in them, what exactly I'm going to post on my blog on the days I write a letter, and many other things. I feel that learning this is the point.

If you'd like to get a handwritten letter from me, fill out your info below. I won't use your mailing address for any other purpose. You might not get one immediately - I'm "beta-testing it" with a smaller group. But you'll probably get one within the next two weeks!

Thanks for reading! I'd like 1000 people to sign up for my letters, and 100 people to write me back every month. One way you can help me get there is by buying someone's letters with a donation - not required, but it goes directly to cover the cost of postage, paper, and copying, which right now costs me about $0.90 per letter.