This is a list of questions that animate me. In each sub-bullet, I've linked possible projects, voices, and ideas that seem to address the question. I don't always agree with each of those in their totality, but I feel like they're places to begin.

Open questions that animate me

How are we to be, by ourselves and with others?

How much human suffering is caused by finite resources? Lack of water, or energy, or space?

  • possible solution: fusion
  • possible solution: space exploration

How much of human suffering can be ameliorated by deeper consciousness and healing in the world?

Which is a quicker path to resolution of this suffering?

What potential is there to see more in the non-human world? Can we live and think and be in harmony with the non-human? What role might technology play in bringing us closer to the non-human world?

What can we learn from other lifeforms to create a richer sense of what computing is and could be?

Is it possible for us to reform human systems to foster deeper harmony with each other? Build these systems to be wiser? What is the best way to do so? The fastest?

  • fixing healthcare

Can I be "me" for a living?